Hello everyone!
I'm Ariel the owner & designer behind Ariebea, a Canadian based sticker and stationery shop.
Designing as always been a passion of mine so I am very pleased to bring my creations to life as tangible objects so that people can use them every day.
All of our designs are inspired by nature, real life & things we love. We strive towards a simple life filled with small joys. Things such as starting a fresh planner, opening happy mail & the guilty pleasure of buying a new notebook knowing you have 7 more sitting at home, are feelings we want you to indulge in. We hope our stickers and stationery can also fill your lives as small joys such as these.


It all started with a sketch

Ever since I was young I was told my little doodles made people smile. I would draw on test papers, in friends notebooks, in my planner. I sketched everywhere until Christmas break before my university portfolio interview when my sketchbook was stolen.I don't mean to be too dramatic but my life and future quite literally depended on those pages. I was heartbroken but not ready to give up. I had one month to show people what I was really made of!

I was accepted into architect school and I started drawing again. During my studies my hand drawn sketches and renderings were my weapon. I was told my drawings held so much character & love and that they were inviting for everyone to enjoy! When I graduated I didn't get my architect license as everyone assumed. Instead I made the decision to follow my heart and open Ariebea.I didn't end up finding who stole my sketchbook all those years ago, but I believe that this turn of events changed the path of who I was supposed to become and what I wanted to do. This story has yet to be completed so thank YOU for spending your time here with with me. I don't know where my sketches will take me this time but I believe this was meant to be. Let the adventure begin!